Weekly Assignment #6 (Due April 10th) The People You Know-21 Tiny Ink Illustrations
In-Class Project: "Textures with Colored Pencils: Animal Portrait" -Due at the end of class April 24th

Weekly Assignment #7 Drawing a Realistic Eye with Color Pencils

Drawing a realistic eye using layers and applying thick
Colored Pencils
Canister Eraser
Pencil Sharpener
Either a Sheet of your Good Drawing paper cut down to 4 1/2 x 6 OR A sheet of Gray toned paper that I provide (Cut into two pieces 4 1/2 x 6)
HB drawing pencil to lightly sketch

* Photo of your eye or a friends eye that you took & Printed out. Make sure it is in good lighting AND that it is close up and in focus. 
This is my eye that I took in day light. I sharpened it up in photoshop and played with the lighting a little so it was easier to see the details)

Practice taking photos of your eye. Use good daylight and do not do this at night. It needs to be as sharp and bright as possible. Keep trying until you get the Best image you can. Then print it out to use. This needs to be in color to help you translate. You can also look at this on line or on your phone too but keep in mind that a copy of your eye needs to be turned in with your finished drawing. So-Print out your eye photo.

Lightly sketch your eye onto your paper. You can also use the "grid system" if you think it will help but be sure to erase all pencil lines before starting in color or the graphite will be TRAPPED FOREVER. I will explain in class and You can also view the video to see another artist talk about these issues below. 

To try and reproduce a realistic eye drawing using layers of colored pencils and Stretching Colors beyond just one color. To try and discover the Variety of color that exists in real life. To go slowly and build up a Thick Waxy Surface of colored pencil tones. Take your time and try. You can do this. Watch videos if you are stuck. The magic is in the reflections and bright highlights. I will go over many of these tricks i class. YOU CAN DO THIS 

Artists Samples:

Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 11.35.45 PM


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