Time Out for Inspiration! -Illustrator to know: Kay Neilsen & Virginia Frances Sterrett (Similar but different)
Weekly Assignment #7 Drawing a Realistic Eye with Color Pencils

Weekly Assignment #6 (Due April 10th) The People You Know-21 Tiny Ink Illustrations

Strathmore DrawingPaper  (Follow my template posted below)
Drawing pens .oo5 for details and the larger for filling in
Sketchbook for practice
HB Pencil to help you sketch out your ideas
(*Google search Facial Expression References /drawings to help you see faces)

How To:
First-Pick 20 people in your life + You. (20+1=21)
These people can be friends, family, anyone you know. If you need help try photographing these people or find images/photos on line.
NEW: This semester you can also choose to do this project with just Famous People

Now simplify them into a cartoon. You are only doing heads and shoulders. Not a fill body sketch.
*Think* YEARBOOK Photos
Practice sketch first in sketchbook to help develop ideas

Now: On your Good paper Plan/measure out your template.The box at the top is you. So draw yourself & add your name. In each of the boxes below, lightly sketch out each person as a cartoon. Think about what makes them look unique. maybe they always wear a hat, or earrings.

*Be sure to include a background. Like: lines, patterns, black, faded, polka-dots... something other than just blank.

Finally: Below each box, position & center & very carefully-print their names. Use Guidelines to help keep text level! (Points given for Accuracy!)

Erase all pencil makes when done-carefully.
Name on the back

TEMPLATE: (Cut paper to 8 1.4 x 11 first. Then start with measuring from the center blocks first and work out from the center to the edge of paper)

(Where I got the idea for this project-taken from my phone watching Anthony Bourdain)

Samples from Past Classes:
(The above sample is with Famous People from the Movies)


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