Weekly Assignment #7 Drawing a Realistic Eye with Color Pencils
Weekly Assignment #8 Creating Your OWN Coloring Page

In-Class Project: "Textures with Colored Pencils: Animal Portrait" -Due at the end of class April 24th

Assignment Concept:
When you were young and using crayons, markers or colored pencils to color, you usually would pick one color and fill in the empty space. But using one color can be limiting. Art work can be more vibrant and rich if layered. For instance, if you were going to "color in" grass, instead of picking out a green pencil, consider adding in other color tones like yellow, gold, and maybe blue. You can "cool" the grass with adding aqua blues or purples especially for shadows. If you wanted to "warm" it up you could add golds warm orange. If you look closely at black fur you can see a reflection of many other tones like blue and purple mixed in. 

*For this project, use multiple colors to express a variety of tones. Layer and vary pressure to get up to rich thick coverage. Blend colors together using your white pencil over top connecting tones. Fill in all areas of your paper-do not leave white paper untouched or it will look unfinished.
*COLOR PRINT & Black and White Portrait Image of of animal or pet no smaller than 8 x 10
Color Pencils 
(White Gel Pen or White paint (I will share) if you want to add bright highlights)
Drawing Paper: Cut paper to 9 x 11. The draw a 1/2 inch border all around. You will be left with a 8 x 10 space to work in. 

How to:
Pick a good image of an animal (or Pet) and print it out in color.
Using your colored pencils, choose a variety of color-tones to fill in your image.
Turn in your color copy as well as your finished drawing. Name on the back. 

Here is a fun video of how to use multiple colors to create pet fur: (NEW)




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