Weekly Assignment #4: 2 Point Perspective -"Border-Break Out" Shapes!
Weekly Assignment #5 CREATURE! Inspired by artist Renee French

In-Class Project: "Strange Shapes"-(Slow Shading Challenge)

Ruler to draw 1 inch border
A range of your graphite pencils from H's to B's
Canister Eraser for precision
Blending tool (tortillion, blending stump, or dry brush)
Pencil Sharpener

Project Specs:

  • Create a 1 inch border inside (You will break the border with shapes)
  • Create a wide range of value (light to dark)
  • Arrange your shapes to show movement, overlapping, and a variety of sizes
  • Show SLOW shading-a build up of graphite without lines or scribbles
  • Keep it clean, name on the back bottom right

Tips on making a successful composition: 
1. Overlap objects to create dimension

2. Make objects larger as they come closer into focus-likewise-make other objects smaller as they trail off-distance.

3. Repeating an object can create movement. *Think: Follow the bouncing ball. You can do this with any shape-not just a ball.

4. Objects drawn too thin or too small will disappear because the graphite will overwhelm it-so go slightly larger

5. AVOID making shapes have any identifiable details and stay away from making a story-this is an abstract project.

How to do this:
1. Place your border on your paper using a dull point H pencil
2. Lightly trace your shapes-again using a dull point H pencil
3. Start with your background first (Negative Space) Go Dark using your 6B graphite pencil *You MUST HAVE A DARK BACKGROUND
4. Now Pick a common light source so you can start shading your shapes (see below)
5. Start shading lightly because it can get dark TOO quickly! USE your H pencils and then layer on B's.

6. Soft smooth shading-no lines or scribbles & NO Outlines. Place something like a piece of paper under your hand so you don't smudge or smear your graphite.
7. Clean up your page. Go back and erase out highlights if you want them to GLOW and darken down the shadows
Photo 3-1


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