ADDITION To Assignment #2 "♥My Complicated Heart♥" Writing An Artist Statement & Suggestions To Help Your Critique
Weekly Assignment #4: 2 Point Perspective -"Border-Break Out" Shapes!

Assignment #3 Abstracted Drawing using a cropped photo from nature that you take (Due Wed Feb 20th)

Project Goal: To create an detailed drawing using a range of graphite pencils of an original photo of nature that you take. Your goal is to "crop-in" on a portion of your photo that is interesting and to show a range of value from Dark to Light. (WE ARE GOING TO USE THIS PROJECT IN AN IN-CLASS EXERCISE IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS)

• SmartPhone with camera or any camera & Print out of your photo
• Full range of drawing pencils
• Strathmore Drawing Paper: (Cut down to a size of 10 x 12)
• Tortillions for blending
• Canister Eraser
• Ruler 

How to:
1. Go out and look around. See the natural world. Using your phone or a camera, take photos. 
2. Look at the photos you took. Pick 1 or 2 images that works best for this project. Now: Print them out. Black & white works best. 
3. Prepare your drawing paper: Map out a 1 inch border all around your 10 x 12 inch paper. Your inside drawing dimensions will now be 8 x 10 & easy to draw from your print out of your photo.

EDITED ***Trace this or use the Grid Process to reproduce this for accuracy: 

4. Using a range of your pencils create a composition of this abstracted image. Go slow, no scribbles. Build up tones. 
5. When you are finished-clean up/erase any messy areas
6. Your name goes on the back  
7. Turn in your printout as well as your project.

I am grading you on your ability to: take a good cropped photo with a range of value from dark to light-that is not blurry, to reproduce it by tracing or gridding it out so it looks like the photo, slowly shade & build up tones using pencils, avoid strong outlines, avoid scribbles, use your erasers for "light" areas, use your Tortillions for blending smooth areas.  

Student Samples Below:

The above drawing could be really good if using more blending instead of scribbles and scratchy lines)





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