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ADDITION To Assignment #2 "♥My Complicated Heart♥" Writing An Artist Statement & Suggestions To Help Your Critique

Assignment #2 "♥My Complicated Heart♥"-Charcoal & Mixed Media Layered Drawing (Jim Dine Inspiration) Due 2/13

Artist-Jim Dine on his use of "hearts"in his work
The heart has been a favorite shape for Dine, one that has inspired millions of pieces of art in all different mediums ranging from painting to printmaking to sculpture. As simple as the well-known heart-shape is, Dine's heart paintings are not nearly as simple. In an interview with Ilka Skobie from ArtNet, Dine said when asked what was his fascination with the hearts, "I have no idea but it’s mine and I use it as a template for all my emotions. It’s a landscape for everything. It’s like Indian classical music -- based on something very simple but building to a complicated structure. Within that you can do anything in the world. And that’s how I feel about my hearts.”


• “Brown Cover” Strathmore 400 Series Drawing Pad
• Charcoal pencil for precision & dark lines
• Charcoal & Pastel for blending
• White Chalk Pencil for highlights
• Graphite Pencils for control
• Ruler & Scissors to measure and cut
You can also include 1 signature Color of your choosing

• Optional Items but what can make it look great:
• Coffee or tea to stain the paper
• Water to blend and accent (I will share a sample)

Create a series of 6 drawings on 6 sheets of paper using "HEARTS" as a theme. Ask yourself-what do they mean, or represent? How Do I feel about the symbol? How do I best represent my feelings about this? 
This is a mostly-Monochromatic Project (Meaning mostly one tone with a color accent)
You may pick a color like "RED" (Or any one color) and add it as an accent to "enhance" this or show "focus"

• Create 6 rectangles from your drawing paper. Cut down to 4  x  6 rectangles 

Now think about how you want to express the theme HEARTS.
Here are some ideas/terms to consider:
Visual Texture
Emphasis with lines
Size -Big and small
Flipping upside down and turning over on its side
Pairing with other symbols

Make this an Expressive Project! Consider what the symbol ♥HEART♥ can mean and how you can really bring something unique and personal to this. 
Here are just some ideas to get you thinking:


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