Assignment #2 "♥My Complicated Heart♥"-Charcoal & Mixed Media Layered Drawing (Jim Dine Inspiration) Due 2/13
Assignment #3 Abstracted Drawing using a cropped photo from nature that you take (Due Wed Feb 20th)

ADDITION To Assignment #2 "♥My Complicated Heart♥" Writing An Artist Statement & Suggestions To Help Your Critique

Writing about your work- (*Link to an article about writing an artist statement) 
Writing an artist statement to accompany this project can allow you, the artist, a chance to communicate your feelings and intentions. Writing artist statements are a very common thing.

"On this planet, people communicate with words, and your artist statement introduces and communicates the language component of your art. People who come into contact with your art for the first time and want to know more will often have questions. When you're there, they ask you and you answer. When you're not there, your artist statement answers for you. Or when you are there, but you don't feel like answering questions, or you're too busy to answer questions, or someone's too embarrassed to ask you questions, or you're too embarrassed to answer questions, then your pal-- your artist statement-- does the job for you."

So what I want you to do is to write about what you have created. Type it out and turn it in with your project for a complete grade. IF you forget to do this I won't grade it -so please get this accomplished before turning in your artwork. (If your printer is broken or not working-do it by hand)

What to write?
Let me know all about what you did, and why you did it, in creating this piece.
• Why your picked the materials.
• Your color choice.
• Your applications of lines and shapes and symbols that help you express your intent.
• What you were thinking.
• The overall theme and intent.  

Things to consider: The use of color in an art work:

When you decide to use color in your work, think about your choice of color. Ask yourself what color means to you and what you want to say in your work. (There are some great articles that discuss the use of color in art if you want to know more about its use-we will go over it more later this semester)

With 6 pieces to work with and create, consider how you might use color.
Q: Will you 1 color in all 6 pieces?
A: IF you use 1 color in all 6 pieces -make it have a purpose and reason. They is something only you can answer.

Q: Will you use a color in the first piece and change it as you go onto the next 5
A: IF you are using it in 1 piece and then decide to change it-think of this possibility:

• Start with RED and then have it Change or Fades-so Red turns into pale pink/white as if "the color has drained out".

• If you just change it into another color-then what does the second color mean? What change it? Example: starting with RED and turn it Blue as if the heart got "sad" (That is an intention and has meaning to your overall piece)

The Bottom line of Color-
Color has meaning.

Other things to think about: Look at this project as 6 pieces as a whole-like WRITING A SENTENCE -each word has meaning as does each of the 6 pieces you make. So look at all of the pieces and ask yourself: How do they relate to each other? Am I making work "JUST to MAKE WORK" or are you creating something that has a little more substance and meaning behind it. Are you using all 6 pieces to tell a story with a punch-line? Do all 6 pieces make up the whole? Do you work 2 by 2 making up something like a tryptic? The combination of all 6 pieces and how they go together are really important. 

Thinking outside of the 6 boxes:
You have the opportunity to express a bigger meaning that you might know at the start of this project. YOU can take this project and run with it. You can play with SPACE. 

• Ask yourself-How do you manipulate space? Have you ever stepped though a simple sheet of copy paper? YOU CAN! By cutting in such a way that it coils and opens it to a much larger size. This is one possible consideration. Of course USE this idea IF it has meaning to your project and shows a deeper intention. (I would suggest looking at "pop-up" books as an idea) 

• Maybe you want to add something to this that spills off of the 2 dimensional paper into the floor (like thread or string). You can add something like this IF your are so creatively motivated.

Adding extra things to your piece is NOT required to do this but I am hoping that this might open up some bigger ideas. To give you the permission to take a college art assignment and make it much more meaningful to you.


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