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I am an artist- I make things for a living-I wake up happy, I take care of cats, I love a lot, & I am a Hunter-Gatherer!


“When I was a very young child around three or four years, my mother gave me a giant box of crayons and a coloring book to keep me occupied. One day she noticed that I was taking the time to color “inside” the lines, instead of the normal scribbling that most children do. Right there and then, she declared, “She’s an ARTIST!”. “Being labeled “Artist” from that point on, I have been occupying myself with whatever kind of art that I could imagine. It brings me much needed attention and supreme glee that I so crave. Although, I must say, over time, I have learned to beak the rules. I now color outside the lines- and on the floors and walls, on tables and chairs, in public and anywhere else that inspires me! I have great fortune to have been given my identity as such a young age.”

Jane Wynn was born in Baltimore, Maryland on a cold day in December, 1969. She grew up making art as her focus and passion. She started out entering contests at school and winning awards for her work. In Junior High she won the honor of creating her yearbook covers for the entire school, several years in a row. As she got older she entered more local contests, started to sell her work and won more awards. In her senior year of high school she sold a painting to a patron who happened to see her work in a show at a local college. Selling that painting helped her to pay for her first year at the local Community College. She went on to graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1995 with a Bachelors of Fine Art. She continued on with her education and started to work on her Masters of Fine Art at Towson University in 1997. Three years later, she earned her Masters degree in, Interrelated Media. This experience would prove to be quite valuable, having explored a wide variety of disciplines at Towson. In 2000 having just completed her degree, she began to teach art at Towson University and returned back to the Community Colleges where she had once attended. Teaching became a passion and in 2002 both she and her husband, Thomas began to venture off to teach at workshops all over the country. Since this time, they have traveled quite a bit and have met many wonderful teachers and students along the way.

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The future looks very bright for Jane. With several works already featured in books and magazines she has just started to concentrate on the creation of her own book.


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